Pricing & Marketing Class:

Learn how to market your sign or wrap shop. We dive into quoting and pricing vehicle wraps to figure out how to be profitable. We go over real work jobs to see how material, labor, and other overhead go into pricing your product.


Design & Scaling Class:

Learn how to design and scale your artwork the correct way. Printing and installation are very important in the wrap industry but knowing how to scale your graphics with the proper resolution is even more important.


Hands-on Wrapping Class:

Learn how to wrap at our facility in Louisville, KY. We dive into how to register, install, trim, and finish different types of wrap film. Our hands on process allows you to challenge yourself in areas of installation that you need help with. Our main objective is to provide a boost of confidence to new students getting into the wrap industry.

May 20th - 23rd

August 19th - 22nd

September 23rd - 26th

October 21st - 24th

December 2nd - 5th

Digital EFX Wraps
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